Admitting Defeat. . . .

So, I had been on such a roll with this whole Stash Sock of the Month Club. Until April, that is. I had pulled from the closet a lovely kit with some Araucania Sock Yarn and the famous Pomatomus Sock Pattern. It is such a pretty sock (even here in the crappy iPhone pic). But, I don't know. I think I was just not meant to knit this sock pattern. This was my second attempt at the Pomatomus. I tried one time maybe 2-3 years ago and it didn't go well. I just thought I needed a little more knitting experience. Apparently, I was wrong. I just can't seem to get the sock to work out. Everything goes fine until the gusset. Then something majorly wonky happens and no amount of ripping and reknitting seem to fix it.

So, I admit defeat. I was just not meant to knit these socks. :)

So, what's up for May? I'm not sure yet. I have not yet started any sock knitting this month. But don't worry, I plan to start some socks this week. I must move on. On to the next great sock!

Happy knitting! :)

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