Carefree Shawlette

After taking that design your own shawl class with Stefanie Japel back in January, I have been itching to get a pattern out there. The actual pattern I knit during the class still needs a lot of work. But I kept getting the urge to get a pattern completed from start to finish. And, with Alex being so wonderful and getting me Knit Visualizer software for my birthday last week (yeah....in addition to getting an engagement ring....is this boy a keeper or what!?) I was now all geared up and ready to go.

So, here it is: The Carefree ShawletteIt's a one skein shawl (the object of my knitting affections for the last year or so). I love knitting these things. Small enough to complete them in a short amount of time. A little bit of lace to keep it interesting.

This one in the pictures is knit out of 1 skein of my Knitting Like Crazy Insanity Sock yarn. But a skein of Malabrigo sock would also do the trick nicely.

Want the pattern? You can get click the buy it now button above to purchase it from my Ravelry store.

Enjoy! :)


  1. What a wonderful pattern! You rock.

  2. Love this Jen! Great job!

  3. That is a very pretty shawl pattern! And the mostly solid body looks like it would be great for a striping effect, I think I just found a new pattern to cast on! :)

    Also, congratulations on your engagement!

    I just found your blog through Google and was like 'alright! Someone else who lives in northern IL! Hey! She's gettin married! Alright!'

    ^_^; sorry for the ramble!

  4. Very cute shawl! Congrats on your engagement! Now you can start knitting for the event.


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