Hey Look! I can Crochet Too!

So, with the baby watch 2010 in full swing, I am filling all my time for knitting with making baby things.

And, the other night, I found myself having this weird urge to crochet. It doesn't happen often (mostly because I am not good at it), but I thought what the hell!? Why not give it another go. So, I now present the Oh-So-Soft Baby Warshrags:

It's a pattern that is available as a free Ravelry download.

I have to say: It is one great pattern. It's super easy and even someone (cough, cough, like me, cough) who is pretty clueless when it comes to crochet can handle it.
The yarn is some odds and ends of Sugar'n Cream that I had laying around (we all know we have lots of that stuff in the stash!)
I think these will be super cute and a total hit for my friend who is expecting a boy this summer. :)
Happy knitting!

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