As I have mentioned a couple times on the blog in recent weeks, my one planned purchase at Stitches Midwest this year was the pattern and yarn for the Bellingrath shawlette.

I wanted to knit this thing so bad, that I pretty much cast on within just a day or two of purchasing the supplies. And last week I finished it up:
It is mega cute! This little shawl is not for me though. Who it is for specifically, I will not say. Let's just say that I plan on knitting the seven bridesmaids in my wedding next year a little something as part of their gift (not to wear to the wedding, though. This yarn is super pretty, but would totally clash!). My goal is to knit one thing a month for my bridesmaids. This will hopefully give me lots of time to spare/give me buffer when I get finishitis. :)

Want your own Bellingrath Shawl? Here is the Rav link which will give you all the info.

Happy knitting!


  1. The shawl came out great! Good idea on the bridesmaid knitting!

  2. I agree- mega cute! Just added it to my faves for when I someday have time for it haha

  3. That is beautiful, your bridesmaids are very lucky!

    Thank you for your comment on my socks :)


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