One year from today, Alex and I will be married. Here's a pic of us last weekend at the spot where we will be married.I can't wait to be his wife. The first few months of our engagement have flown by, I'm sure the next 365 days will go by in a flash.

Now to really get cranking on the wedding knitting! I have a one item done, but I have seven more things to knit! Thanks goodness we are headed to Fargo for the weekend to visit my brother. That's a total car time of 20 hours. Lots of knitting will get done, I'm sure! :)


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  2. Cutest picture ever.

    Can't wait for your big day!

    Love you guys.

  3. That is a great place to have a wedding (the Cuneo *sp?* Mansion, right?). Our friends had their reception there about 5 years ago. I loved the tent area for the dinner/dancing because it looked exactly like it did in "My Best Friends Wedding".

    Great Choice!


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