My Favorite Socks

This morning I was getting ready to leave the house and was looking for a pair of handknit socks to wear (which isn't hard to do in this house, I have a lot of them).

Oh joy! My favorite pair had just come out of the dryer (yeah, you heard me.... I usually machine wash AND dry my handknit socks. You can call me a rebel if you like). :)

So, which pair is my favorite? Why it's my Mingus socks!I knit these pretties a couple of years ago, and they are still in fantastic shape. I don't really know why I love these socks over all other socks I have. Maybe it's the color, or the pattern, or how soft they are. Maybe it's the perfect combination of all three.

I am not even joking, I swear when I have these specific socks on I am in a better mood. They are magical socks.

So, which of your handknit socks are your absolute fav?

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