A new knitter

So, a few days ago, Alex and I were sitting around and he informed me that he was bored. I, of course, was knitting, so I suggested that he finally learn to knit. AND. HE. AGREED.The casting on went ok, but the knit stitch he had in no time. He sat and knit for a little bit, which was super fun for me!

I don't know that Alex is really going to start knitting all the time anything, but it makes me super happy that he at least took the time to learn to do it.

He's a good egg. I think I'll keep him. :)


  1. Nice! The woman who leads my spinning group has all three of her boys and, I believe, her husband as well spinning.

  2. How fun! You should teach him to sew now this way when you knit something that needs to be sewn together, he's the man for the job! Can you tell the sewing is my least favorite part? Yay Alex!

  3. Awesome! He is a keeper.

  4. Um, that needs to be his new FB pic.

    AND, I love knitting men.

    Total. keeper.

  5. Yay! here's to more male-knitters! Keep up the great work!


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