Over the weekend, Alex and I took a trip up to Fargo, ND to visit my brother. Fargo sure is a long drive from the NW suburbs of Chicago! Alex and I did share the driving, but it still gave me hours (and hours and hours) of knitting time.

I decided to bring with me a UFO, in an attempt to force myself to finish it. And, it worked. I now finally have a completed Saroyan:I like the way this turned out. I added an extra increase and decrease section to try to make it wider. When I make it again, I think I would do even more increase and decrease sections.
It turned out to be a very very pretty scarf. I think next time I want to go for something more shawl-like.
At any rate, I think the recipient will totally love it, and I think a scarf more suits her anyway.

The pattern is a pretty easy one. Those leaves keep it just interesting enough. Once I really got going on it on the car ride home from Fargo I just couldn't put it down. It's a free pattern from Liz Abinante, who also is known for the Traveling Woman shawl (another great pattern, you can see mine knit up here).

I knit those out of one skein of STR Lightweight in the Quilla colorway. I had lots left over, so you really could make a larger one with just one skein of the STR.

So, that's now a second bridesmaids gift for my wedding done. Only five more to go! :)

Happy knitting.

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