Another Baby Hat

On Saturday, I attended a baby shower for my high school friend, Lindsay. She blogs over here. She is a professional photographer and her pics are the best I've seen for weddings. Which is why we hired her to be our wedding photographer (but I digress)!

Anyway, she was in town for her baby shower, she knows of my obsessive knitting habit, so how could I not knit something for that little baby boy cooking in her belly?

I knit one of my very fav patterns for babies: the umbilical cord hat. (rav link)It's a quick knit, you can use just about any yarn, and the result is just adorable!
I used some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for this one. I love that yarn. So soft and warm. Perfect for a wee baby's head.

The pattern is out of one of the Stitch N' Bitch books. So grab the book, grab some yarn, and in a couple of hours you can have your own perfect baby shower gift! :)


  1. I am in love with this adorable hat! I can't wait to put it on our baby's head! (But he still needs to stay cooking for a few more weeks.)

  2. I love the SnB books! Debbie Stoller is out on the book tour now...if she comes to your area go see! She used a group of us as her guinea pigs to test her mini lace class on (she's from Brooklyn too!) and it was so good. Even the most advanced knitters I know who came had their "ah-ha!" moments. I don't remember seeing your area listed, but her site is knithappens.com


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