A Carefree Shawl, Part III

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was teaching a class at a local yarn store in my area. Well, after the second round of the class in October, I finally got my Carefree Shawl done:It's the third one of the pattern I have knit, and I think this one might be my fav.I really love dyeing the pale yarns. I don't do it an awful lot, but every time I get a pretty one like this, it makes me want to go for the pastels more.
I was talking to someone at Fuzzy Wuzzy last night who is interested in taking this class is February. So, I think I see knitting another Carefree shawl in my very near future. :)

Want your own Carefree shawl? The pattern is available on Ravelry, or you can just click on the "Buy Now" Button below. The pattern price is $6.00.

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