It's Christmas Time. . .

In the past, I have posted some things about decorating for Christmas, and I decided that I wanted to do it again this year. :) I have some more knitting related Christmas things in the collection now.

Well, first up is something not at all related to knitting, but I just had to share. It's our first ever gingerbread house:I can't believe I have never made one before. It was so so fun! Our friend, Mary, made the pieces from scratch. We had such a great time decorating them.

Now onto knit-related things. :) When we first moved into this house, I had no idea what do put on these shelves. Well, I still don't know what to put on them, but they are nice at Christmas:

And, on that top shelf if the newest addition to my snowman collection. It's a yarn ball snowman!My mom actually found that at the dollar store!

I have a couple new ornaments too. There is the alpaca made out of alpaca yarn that Alex and I picked up at Alpaca Days last year:
And, recently, I was out shopping and I could not resist this Hallmark ornament:

Anyway, those are the latest additions to the collection. I am sure it will grow in the years to come.

Did you decorate with any knitty things this holiday season? :)

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