A Look Back: Day Four

This week I am reposting some old posts from the blog as a fun way to see where the blog was to where it is going. Hope you enjoy! :)

This post was originally posted on August 11, 2009. It is a recap of Sock Summit. This has to be my fav event I have ever attended. And, the fact that Jenni and I plan to return to again in 2011 (this time with more of our knitting friends) makes me quite happy!

Last night, I returned from Portland and the wonderful land that was Sock Summit.

There was way to much going on to talk about it in only one post, so here is the overview. There was a lot of sock knitting:
And there was class taking (um, hello! That is Meg freakin' Swansen!):And stalking of some of my favorite knitting celebrities:There was meeting of some of my favorite bloggers (here's Deb from Knitting Pharm):And my favorite favorite sock designers:There was some beer drinking:And meeting the Ravelry folks:And there was more sock knitting:I had such a wonderful time and it was so fun to meet a bunch of people I had only ever known online. I took some wonderful classes, bought some amazing sock yarn, and just had a blast.

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