New Look!

For the last few weeks, I have been working with my coworker's daughter, who recently graduated with a degree in graphic design, on a logo and a new banner for my website. I think she did a fantastic job!
I am looking forward to updating my patterns and business cards to include the new logo. I think it's just mega awesome.

If you are looking for a banner for your blog or a logo, you really should contact Clare. She was so easy to work with and she worked very hard to get everything just perfect. She is a good egg. You can visit her website, http://www.clare-edmonds.com/ and you can find her contact info there. I found her prices to very reasonable and, again, she is a pleasure to work with. So, check her out if you need a logo! :)

Hope everyone is cranking along well with the Christmas knitting. I basically decided to do no Christmas knitting. I have a poncho I am working on, and I have already told the recipient it is unlikely to be done. But, who knows? Maybe I'll crank it out in the next day!


  1. Must be the week for blog updates because I redid mine too! Love the new banner!


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