A Road Trip FO

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I made a quick road trip with Alex and his family to Ohio to visit his relatives. I was kind of excited about making this trip for several reasons:

1. I like Alex's family and always have fun hanging out with them.
2. I knew that a trip to Greenville, Ohio, means I get to eat a Maid Rite, which is mega awesome.
3. That's about six hours each way in the car for knitting!

On the way there, I knit a Reclamation Scarf: I had a request for a green one.
And I had the perfect skein of yarn for it. It was meant to be.
I knit it with just one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Mill End I had picked up on one the tours I went to there.

It is a smaller scarf, but that's ok, it will be perfect for the 8 year old that asked for it!

This pattern is perfect if you are trying to whip up some quick Christmas gifts. It's a Stefanie Japel pattern and it's only $2! You can get yours here. It's also available on Ravelry here.

So, that takes care of the care ride there. But what about the car ride home? Check back tomorrow for that.

Happy knitting. :)

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