It's all my fault. . . .

So, I have been teaching a class on knitting the Carefree Shawl (it's all Carefree all the time over here it seems, huh!?) at Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns in Arlington Heights. This round I decided to knit a shawl along with my student.

I picked something that I knew one of my bridesmaids would like. You may recall I am knitting them all a little something (not to wear to the wedding, just to have for the winter).I swear, this shawl alone is why the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday. I knew I should have just knit her something plain. :)


  1. That and the socks I knit for my friend out of your Packer yarn.

  2. The Packers beat the Bears because your qb stunk! And we are just better! :)

    Love you!!!


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