Sock Summit - Oh, the Classes!

So, last week, I'm at home minding my own business, screwing around on Twitter, and I see a tweet that the Sock Summit class schedule is up.

Cut to me running dramatically to the computer. :)

I went to the first Sock Summit and had a spectacular time (you can read all about it in this blog post). I took some good classes and knit so much during that weekend that I came home with three and a half pairs of new socks (seriously. knit. all. weekend).

Last time was heavy on the yarn purchases and I only took a couple classes. Seriously, here is the yarn haul from last time:

I'm almost embarrassed to post that. That is A LOT of yarn. I have knit more than half of that in the last year and a half, but there is still quite a bit of Sock Summit stash around here. This time, I am going to try to take some more classes. Of course, there will have to be yarn buying, but it is going to be scaled back this round (yeah, I say that now, right?). :)

There is no way that I can take all the classes I want to (there are so many good classes!), but here are the ones at the top of my list:

Advanced Top Down Sock Design
Writing Up an Awesome Sock Pattern
Making the Next Monkey
Designing with Japanese Stitch Dictionaries

(um, see a theme there?) :)

I also am interested in these classes:

Knitting Knee Highs
Oddball Stitches
Story Socks
Designing Socks with Handpainted yarn

So, we'll see. Hopefully I can get into some of my top picks!

Are you going to Sock Summit? What do you want to take?

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