Meet Chubby Chirp, The Second

As you followers of my blog know, when I get addicted to a pattern, I get addicted to a pattern. Something takes over me and I can knit the same thing over and over again (I've knit three Ishbels, five of my own Carefree shawl, and three Baby Surprise Jackets). Um, I think it may be starting with the Chubby Chirps.

This time, I knit the little guy out of some Berrocco Weekend that I had leftover from another project. I used the safety eyes this time, and I think he came out even better than my first Chubby Chirp!

Will I knit more of these? Yes, I think I will. They take just an hour or two to knit and I think they are about the cutest thing ever. I am not a toy knitter, but these guys have me hooked!

What are your favorite toys to knit? I think I may be ready to expand my toy knitting horizons soon!

Happy knitting. :)

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