My New Chart Keeper

A couple weeks ago, when we were dying yarn at my house, Beth pulled out this awesome chart keeper she had purchased on Etsy.

Filled with chart keeper envy, I asked her where she got it. Slipped Stitch Studios, she replied. Cut to me ordering my own the very next day!

I could not resist the deer themed chart keeper. Looks like my back yard (with a lot less weeds!). What I like about this chart keeper is the zipper pocket. I also like that your whole pattern can slide right in the plastic cover.
You can order the magnet ribbon thingies from the Slipped Stitch Etsy shop, but I already had a few.
The one in the middle I got from my friend, Cathy, the two outside ones I got in a swap package last year.

I am very excited about my latest Etsy purchase. I know I will be putting it to good use.

Get anything good on Etsy lately?

Happy knitting. :)

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