Sock Summit: Day One

I had the most wonderful day at Sock Summit today. I had a full six hour class with Cookie A. I learned so much about sock construction and also moving lace panels around socks in crazy ways as Cookie likes to do. It was amazing. I was also happy to see Denise (who was in the class with me) and that we were able to chat for a bit. 

After the class was over and met up with Jenni and we headed to the marketplace. I bought kind of a lot of yarn (but more on that next week when I return home and can take good photos of it) and a couple other goodies, but the best part of  the marketplace was seeing my pattern in the Kollage Yarns booklet "Coffee Break Knits." I was a little ridiculous when I saw it:
 And then I had Jenni take a nice picture that didn't make me look crazy. :)
 Hopefully lots of people will be stopping by on Saturday in the Paradise Fibers booth to get their booklet signed! :)

After that, we headed up to the ballroom for the Opening Night Reception. We met some very awesome knitters while in line waiting to get in:

The Viking Hat ladies are all in the same knitting group. There were several of them. I seriously love their hats and the little variations each one added to them!

So that's it. Jenni and I are pretty wiped out from our first day at Sock Summit. Tomorrow I have another full day of classes and of course the Sock Hop. Tomorrow is shaping up to be another good one!

Are you at Sock Summit? How was your day? What did you learn? And, if you weren't at Sock Summit, hope you had a wonderful knit-filled day!

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