Sock Summit - Day Four & Round Up

Ok, I am FINALLY posting about the last day of Sock Summit. Sorry for the delay.

Sunday morning, I took a class on designing with Japanese stitch dictionaries. I really enjoyed the class and had a great time knitting a little swatch using techniques found in the Japanese stitch dictionaries. I even learned to make a crocheted bobble. While I don't really see myself using that in a design anytime soon, it was super cool.

After class was over, I met Jenni and we decided to walk over to Twisted. We knew it was kind of a hike, but it was nice and we hadn't been outside of the convention center area, so off we went. It really was a nice walk. We stopped for lunch and beers, and then went to Twisted.

This shop is seriously cute.
I especially enjoyed the vintage knitting pattern section. I spent some serious time flipping through all those booklets!
I left there with a skein of A Verb for Keeping Warm sock yarn and some roving.

Then we walked back to the hotel and chilled on the roof for awhile. I was especially exhausted after our weekend of knitting, so we headed back to the room and knit in our PJs. A wonderful finish to a wonderful weekend.

I am so glad that Jenni and I decided to make the trip to Portland for Sock Summit. And, of course, we have already made plans to return in 2013!

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