FO: Upside Down Daisy Hat

Last week, I found myself stumbling upon a pattern that had been in my Ravelry queue for some time. Even better? Ravelry told me I already had the pattern in a magazine from 2007. So, I dug it out the magazine, found some yarn (Knit Picks Comfy Worsted for the hat, Berroco Comfort for the petals and some random green acrylic for the stem), and went to town on the Upside Down Daisy Hat by Susan B. Anderson.

It's your basic hat pattern, with a little yarn switich and i-cord at the end. You knit the petals separately, then sew them on. So so cute.

I whipped this up over the weekend, and it will be going to my coworker whose first baby will be arriving any day now.

It's possible that I will be casting on another one of these for my niece. I think she would look ridiculously cute in this hat. And, I have been in desperate need of a more mindless knitting project, and this fits the bill perfectly.

What's your fav baby things to knit? There seems to be pregnant women and newborns around me everywhere! I can't even keep up with it!

 Happy knitting. :)


  1. OMG, what a cute hat! I'll have to go to ravelry and check out the pattern!

  2. I tend to go for blankets for babies but that's usually for people I'm really good friends or related to. I made a baby surprise jacket and had so much fun with it. It's still in the stash until I find buttons for it and have a new baby to give it to.

  3. I've knit two of those now. I had to knit the second when my cousin's little girl outgrew the first, yet he kept putting it on her because it was his favorite! I vary my baby gift knits, depending on the person, how close we are, if the baby's sex is known, etc. The baby surprise jacket is a good standby for a quick gift, but a nice blanket is my preference if we are close and you are knitworthy.

  4. Hats, I have Itty Bitty hats by Susan Anderson, love it! Also love bibs in cotton totally mindless and so easy to add little whimsy details too plus you can work on in an evening or less. Both are items that as a mom of 4 I used a ton of and rarely have I found a mom that doesn't welcome more in every size shape and color.

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