Now Available on Craftsy!

I have slowly been getting my patterns added over on Craftsy. If you haven't checked out that site yet, you should, it's pretty awesome. They offer tons of online craft classes and you can find everything on there from knitting/crochet to quilting, beading and more. It's like Ravelry in that people can post pics of their projects and you can save them to your favorites for later.

All of the patterns I add over there are, of course, also in my Ravelry shop. I have been getting quite a few sales over there, so if you are designer, you should check it out too, if you haven't already!

You can check out my Craftsy store here.

I have lots of knitting to share this week. My knitting mojo went out the window for a couple of weeks but seems to be back with a vengeance. Stay tuned. :)

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