WIP: The Handspun Scarf

So, I busted out my spinning wheel like I do every few months and finally finished up some Black Trillium SW Roving (Colorway: Fountain of Youth) I got while in Portland.

I got all excited at how pretty it was, and wanted to immediately start knitting with it, so this is the only pic of the yarn I have:

It is mostly sport weight, I think, but has some spots that I would call fingering and some spots that are worsted. I am getting a little more consistent while spinning though, which is great!

I decided this yarn wanted to be a scarf, because I was pretty sure it was going to stripe wickedly awesome. And stripe awesome it did:

I LOVE it. I cannot put this thing down. I am going to have a completed scarf in no time!

The pattern is mistake rib. There are a bunch of free ones on Ravelry, but I looked it up in a stitch dictionary. My scarf is pretty skinny right now, but I plan to stretch it out a bit when I block it. I am so into this scarf, I have some pretty serious plans to dig out more of my handspun and make another one....just in time for spring.

Happy knitting!

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