Knit Simple Fall 2012

I was happy when I arrived home from work earlier this week and found a new Knit Simple in my mailbox. I love flipping through this magazine (and I can't wait to file it in my new magazine holder).

I'll be honest - I never read knitting magazines cover to cover. Unlike some people who might swear they read magazines "for the articles," I am the complete opposite. Give me pretty things to knit and some yarn pr0n, and I'm good. I do tend to read the book reviews, as I am a knitting book junkie, and like to know about all the new books. Anyway, I digress. There were a couple of patterns that caught my eye. I really do love the cowl on the front cover:

And if my sister produces another baby girl from her uterus in December I may need to make this:

There were lots of cute things to make, but what really made me squee was randomly seeing a photo for one of my Kollage yarns patterns being featured in the Kollage ad:
That's my hat and cowl set, Edmond, at the top of the ad. It was a happy, unexpected surprise!
So what's your favorite knitting magazine? Or, what did you particularly like in this issue of Knit Simple?

Happy knitting!


  1. Oh how fun Jen! I remember when my boys modeled and they'd be in magazines how exciting it was and I'm sure this is similar. Congrats!

  2. How awesome for you! Wooo!


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