The Knitters Get Dirty

This past weekend, me, Jenni and Jenny (that's right...we are the three knitting Jennys) participated in the Dirty Girl 5K in Grayslake, IL.

Of course our team name had to be knitting themed. We were Team (Yarn) Balls to the Wall! Because I did this with some of my knitting buddies, I thought I would share some pics on the knitting blog.

Here we are, before starting, looking oh so clean:

My husband was there to document this challenge (like he would pass up an opportunity to watch a bunch of women crawing through the mud).

Here we are about to enter our first mud obstacle:

And here we are crawling through the cold mud pit:
After that we were pretty dirty. By the time we got to the end, we looked like this:

I am so proud of the three of us. We rocked it. I managed to complete all the obstacles, including the wall and cargo net. I was practically crying while atop the cargo net, but I hoisted my ass over that thing and did it! We had so much fun that we all can't wait to do it again. Next year, we plan to rope more of our knitting peeps into it. My goal is to have Team (Yarn) Balls to the Wall be a huge team of knitters next year!

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