Knitting MochiMochi

So I was on Pinterest (of course) the other day and I found the cutest slippers. Cut to a couple days later, a new book showing up on my doorstep:

I mean, you have to be kidding me with the hippo slipper cuteness. My niece needs them so bad.

My plan is to knit them for her for Christmas. I know she loves a tshirt she has with a hippo on it, so I think these will be a hit. There are a couple other things in the book I could kinda see myself knitting too. Like a moose:

Or the pocket protector guy, which would look quite good in my lab coat at work.

These are not the kinds of thing I usually knit, but I think I am up for the hippo slipper challenge. They are too cute!

Happy knitting!

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