Library Enhancement

So, I was on Amazon last week, ordering my new running shoes* (having ruined my old ones during the Dirty Girl 5K) and some new knitting books fell into my virtual shopping cart. Oops.


I have been enjoying looking at older stitch dictionary type books lately and these completely called to me. First up, it's Barbara Abbey's Knitting Lace from Schoolhouse Press:

The first edition is from 1974, but this copy contains revisions from 1993. There are tons of lace edge stitch patterns, that would be perfect for a sideways shawl. I loved working on my Wallingford pattern so much, and this book will be providing me with tons more inspiration!

Then, since each of these books were under $10, I picked up the First & Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting. These editions are from 1972 with first book originally being printed in 1953 & 1961 respectively. Both of these books have some beautiful stitch patterns in them as well:

I know I will be spending hours in the coming weeks reading these books cover to cover. That is the kind of knitting nerd I have become. 

Do you collect old knitting books or stitch dictionaries? What are your favorites?

*ordering running shoes on Amazon may seem crazy, but I had done extensive research on the internet for the kind of running shoes I needed for my large, flat feet and Amazon had them! :)

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