Say Moo.

Last month I took an amazing class at Stitches (which I plan on talking more about next week). It was Get Published! with Shannon Okey. She focused a lot on the business end of designing, and talked a lot about marketing yourself. I had mentioned how I am horrible at promoting myself when I am somewhere like Stitches or Sock Summit. Seriously, I am not really that good at talking to strangers.

I decided to take Shannon's advice and get some business cards or something so when I am wearing a shawl and someone asks about it, I can give them the information on where to find the patterns. Enter my new Moo Cards:
Pretty, right? I am so happy how they turned out. I left it pretty simple on the back, so I would have plenty of room to write down the name of whatever shawl pattern the person is asking about.
Hopefully I will get to use them a bunch!

Happy knitting. :)

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