It's time for Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Happy.

I released a new pattern, Primrose. It's (of course) my favorite design to date. I am obsessed with the knitted-on lace borders these days.

This week in snowed quite a bit, which didn't really make me happy as I was working outside collecting samples at work this week. But, coming home on Wednesday to a snowman in the yard across the street made it worth it.

I have named him "Cheerleader Snowman." I also love that I think that the youngest person living there is maybe 21 so it was a bunch of adults that went and made it. What fun!

I got a lovely card from my friend, Melissa, which made me happy. Check out the mustache clip!

I love getting good mail! Also in the mail this week were some new needles. Yay!

I love my Knit Picks needles, but they just weren't cutting it on my newest shawl design I'm working on using laceweight yarn. I needed pointy! I really only needed the size 3, but the size 4 ones fell into my cart too. I use Size 4 needles for most of my shawl knitting, so they will definitely be put to good use.

What made you happy this week?

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