I am loving this 52 Weeks of Happy thing. It's nice to focus on the good things. :) Lots more happy/good things this week....

I got new glasses! Yay! My old ones had been broken for some time. They would fall off my face constantly, which was starting to get embarrassing. The new ones are red and I love them!

Shopped for bridesmaid's dresses for my BFF Jenni's wedding. The one I picked has pockets! I was quite excited.
Spent some time finishing up my Timpani shawl this weekend. I finished watching Dawson's Creek and started watching Felicity. I may have a new obsession with late-90s teen soaps.

Alex's birthday was yesterday. Saturday we dyed eggs and went to dinner to celebrate.

Yesterday I made Alex a breakfast casserole in the crock pot (it's this recipe) before we headed to his parents house for Easter/birthday celebrating.

A great week! Hope your week was full of happy!

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