FO: Timpani

Yeah, yeah, I'm a little late for my own KAL, but I finally finished up my Timpani shawl.

I knit this one out of 4 balls of Classic Elite Magnolia. It's a little splitty, but it's so so soft, I could look past its splitty-ness. :)

This shawl is headed over to my LYS to become a shop sample. I kinda want to keep it for myself though. I look good in pink and it's so soft. Maybe no one will notice if I just keep it and wear it instead.

As I was adding my photos to Ravelry the other day, I looked through all the projects for my book so far. I am so pleased with all the beautiful photos and shawls everyone is making. Definitely making all that hard work of getting a book published totally worth it. 

Happy shawl knitting!

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