My Best Friend's Wedding

A week ago, I returned from a wonderful Mexican vacation. Cancun in July. You might be thinking, but why, oh why, Jen would you go somewhere so hot when it's summer in Chicago? Well, it's because my best friend, Jenni got married there! Woot!

About 30 people flew down to share in her beautiful beach wedding. We spent a week with mango margaritas in hand by the pool. We swam in the Caribbean Sea. Alex and I went and saw Mayan ruins (something I've wanted to do since I was 10 years old!)

Some knitting was accomplished during the week, but mostly on the plane ride. I did read a whole book while gone, which is very rare for me these days.

Yay for a nice relaxing vacation! Now it's back to pattern writing and knitting. It was the perfect little break to get me all geared up inspired for my upcoming shawl patterns! :)

How's your summer been going?

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