Sir Caterpillar

I've been following Stacey of Fresh Stitches on Twitter for some time now. She always has links to the kinds of stuff I like to read and posts lots of cute photos of crochet things. A couple of weeks ago she posted about her kit club and before I knew it, I was on her site, signing up. I haven't had much success with toys in the past (they always look wonky in the end) but I know with a little practice, I will get better. So why not have a kit show up every other month to help me get some of that practice in?

When the kit showed up at my door, I immediately ripped into that baby and started stitching. By the next morning, I had my caterpillar all done and looking like quite the gentleman.

I mean, you include a mustache in the kit for my caterpillar, I'm gonna add it. I love the mustache!

And, he's not that wonky! I think he's super cute. He is currently residing in my office, overseeing the book writing to-do list. :) Want your own caterpillar? You can get the pattern here.

I can't wait for the next kit to show up in a couple months. I think these are gonna prove to me a nice break from all the knitting work I have going on!

Happy crocheting (and knitting)!

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