FO: Blanket for Mom

It took a lot of Netflix watching and listening to audiobooks to get it done, but I got it done. My mom absolutely loved the blanket I crocheted for her for Mother's Day! Yay!
I finished it up a couple days before Mother's Day. Look at me, getting done all early!
I went over to my parents' house over the weekend to help with some yard work and when I walked in, my mom was under her blanket (side note: basically, 2/3 of my family is under a blanket whenever possible). I'm glad she likes it!

The pattern I used was Juicy Fruits and Whipped Cream Throw from Red Heart (it's a free pattern). I used more yarn that what the pattern called for, but I think I made my blanket bigger. I didn't pay much attention to the dimensions in the pattern, I just kept crocheting until I decided it was long enough. I used 6 skeins of the grey, and two skeins each of the other colors. I used Red Heart Soft for the blanket.

Since finishing I have been constantly searching on Ravelry for more blankets to crochet. I think I am becoming addicted to the big crochet projects. :)

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