Searching for Stitches

I don't think it's any secret that I love me some stitch dictionaries. They are my favorite knitting and crochet books to buy. I love flipping through them, looking for inspiration, and dreaming of how to turn the stitch patterns into shawls and stuff. I bought this German stitch dictionary awhile back and it's definitely one of my favorites:
I got it from here.

There are so many beautiful patterns in it. The charts a little different than what I am used to, but, with a little patience, they are pretty easy to figure out. 
I've been on a search for more. But, trying to find German stitch dictionaries when you don't speak/read German and don't really know what to search for to find them can be tricky. But, finally, I scored another (and this one gives you TONS of information on how to knit and includes patterns as well as little stitch dictionary sections):
I bought it used off of Amazon. It was published in 1983 and is awesome. I have been loving flipping through it, even if I can't read it!
So the hunt continues for more. Do you have any German stitch dictionaries? If so, which ones and where did you get them? I need to feed the stitch dictionary addiction. :)

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