It's been months since my last pattern release, but a new one is finally here. While at Stitches Midwest last year, I bought some qivuit yarn from Windy Valley Musk Ox. I had been eyeing that yarn for years. I bought two balls, knowing that I would make something lovely with it one day. I guess it was waiting to become Coldspring:

From the pattern description:
Sometimes when you enter a yarn shop or market at a convention, there’s that yarn that just speaks to you. The yarn you can’t live without. That’s what happened to me and the Qiviut Royal Blend yarn at Stitches Midwest last year. I just couldn’t leave the market floor without it. I knew that I would make it into a shawl one day, but needed time to think about what I wanted this shawl to be. Finally, Coldspring entered my mind. My love for garter stitch paired with lace runs deep, and the combination is perfect for this yarn. It’s delicate, interesting and fun to knit!

The shawl starts at the top center and is worked outwards. There is increasing happening every row, giving it a nice crescenty shape. 
I love love love knitted-on borders, and this one was so fun to knit. Completely addicting!
This shawl turned out beautiful and the pictures turned out even more beautiful thanks to Jill and her mad photography skills!

Hope you enjoy this new pattern as much as I do!

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