Spinning Once Again

My poor spinning wheel. It sits in the corner collecting dust for months at a time. And, I thought when I joined the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club that would make me want to get the ol' wheel out more. Nope. I have 6 months worth of fiber from the club and just now finished spinning one up. But now I'm on a roll and have started on a second one! (we'll see how long that lasts).

Anyway, here is the yarn I just finished up:
This was actually the February shipment. The colorway is Love Letters. It's so pretty. And, it's a merino/bamboo/silk blend. So yummy.
I separated the colors out best I could into three piles: purple, pink and grey. And then I split the purple and pink piles in half. I spun the singles by doing purple, pink, grey, pink and purple. Then I chain plied it. So, I have a kind of gradient-ish yarn. I ended up with about 150 yards in the end. Not sure what I will make with it. I have a real habit of spinning the yarn and then never using it. Just petting/admiring it. :)

I didn't sign up for the third quarter for the club. But I've told myself if I finish spinning at least half of what I already received, maybe I'll treat myself to the 4th quarter shipments. We'll see what happens.

Happy spinning!

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