VKL Recap

This past Friday, I had my first go at teaching at a big knitting convention - Vogue Knitting Live. It was such an incredible expereience, and I hope I get the change to teach at VKL in the future!

My day started out teaching Lovely Lace Borders, one of my most popular classes and one of my favorites to teach.
I had a great time with my students. Lots of great questions and we discussed lots of uses for the borders, not just on shawls. I absolutely love when people can take the things in my class and figure out how to apply it to the things they like to make! After class I gave a 1-hour lecture: Successful Sock-Yarn Shawls.
Almost 100 people signed up for lecture. I was a little bit nervous about the lecture in the days leading up to VKL, but when it came time to give it, I weirdly wasn't nervous. Probably because the knitters are so nice and it felt like I was just talking to a bunch of friends! I also brought lots of shawls for people to check out.
It was really a great day! Were you at Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago this weekend? If so, what classes did you take/what yarn did you buy?

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