FO Friday: Flamingo Fun

Here I am. It's another FO Friday and I'm showing off yet another one of Stacey's amazing cuties. This time, it's a flamingo!
I got this guy as part of the kit club that arrived in September (I think...it's been awhile). I think my niece L is just going to love him! I've only made her one little toy so far, but now that she is getting older, it's time she get some bigger, better toys from auntie!
I had to make a few minor mods to the pattern, only because I was a bad crocheter and didn't check my gauge (which is sort of important, especially with the kit clubs, because you get enough yarn to make the project plus a teeny bit extra when your gauge is correct). I already went down two hook sizes because I'm apparently the loosest crocheter ever...next time I will go down three and check my gauge.

Even with eliminating a couple of rounds, he still turned out so adorable! I look forward to make yet more of Stacey's patterns. I think this flamingo was the 7th one of her patterns I've done this year. I think it's safe to say they are my favorite things to crochet.

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