More Baby Hats

Recently, my friend gave birth to a wee babe that came a couple weeks early. I made an Upside-Down Daisy Hat for her, which mom and baby love, but it won't fit her for awhile. Then the new mom sent me a message asking for a favor - the hand-knit hat they received while in the hospital had gone missing. She really loved it and wanted to know if I could make her a new one. She sent me a photo of the hat and I got to work. I took the photo with me to Joann's on the off-chance I could find the same yarn. No luck, but I did pick up some yarn in the same colors! I love these little hats:
I'm not typically into the novelty-ish yarn, but I couldn't resist the pom-pom yarn:
I hope mom and baby enjoy these new hats!

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