Happy Rainbow Socks

These socks make me so happy.
That is one lovely rainbow! I don't usually worry too much about my sock stripes matching up, but it's so satisfying when you are trying for perfectly matching stripes and you achieve them.
These rainbow socks have moved into the sock drawer, where they will happily rotate with the last rainbow-y socks I made. I like having a cheery sock drawer.
I knit these in using my usual recipe:

Yarn is Regia Stripemania Color in color 6367 Rainbow
Start with slip knot at a color change (blue to pink)
Figure 8 CO, starting with 12 stitches on each needle (24 total)
Increased to 64 stitches
Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Started K3, P1 rib at start of color repeat (pink) and bind off in last color of the color repeat (blue).

Naturally, I've gone diving into the self-striping sock-yarn stash and started another pair of socks. Because the only way I can buy more striping sock-yarn is to knit with what I have, right? How awful that I had to pick another beauty to knit up. ;)

Finish anything fun over the weekend?

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