Needle Organization

It's been quite some time since my needles have been in any kind of order. Over the weekend I decided that something had to be done about it. I couldn't take the needle disaster any longer!

I started by taking my two Namaste circular cases (I have a regular one and a double wide) and separating my circulars. I use circulars for just about everything. And, I have a ton of them. Now I can locate the one I need easily.
Then I went through all my KnitPicks Interchangeables. I have a ton of those too! Thanks to the Erin Lane Bags needle case I bought at Stitches Midwest a couple years ago, I'm nice and organized on the interchangeable front too.
I love the way the case folds up!
So now the drawer that once contained a giant tangle o' needles is nice and neat. I hope I can keep it this way.
I threw out some needles too. Anything that was bent or coming apart had to go. I feel better knowing that all the needles in that drawer are in good working order.

Maybe next month I'll tackle the double-pointed needles. Because having them all tossed inside one mason jar isn't really working either.

How do you like to store your needles and hooks?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips! I'm looking for different storage cases, collecting ideas to sew up one or two. I have to admit my needles are just tossed in a plastic bag in their original package.


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