One Year

Over the last few days, I've been reflecting on the last year. It was one year ago that I hung up my lab coat and walked out of the lab for the last time and started working in my design business full-time. As I said on Twitter, it's been giving me feelings.

Good feelings.

I'll be honest, some days I miss working in lab terribly. I mean, testing wastewater for boron using old school, "dirty chemistry" is fun. And even though I would definitely maybe cry in the field sampling van when it was -20 windchill and I had snow in my boot, I still loved being at the wastewater treatment plant.
Last time field sampling!

It's so interesting! But there were lots of reasons to move on too. I won't get into the details, but it comes down to this: You can love what you do, but sometimes the politics of work life ruin that. So, Alex and I talked it over, waited for the time to be right (it took almost two years from the time I decided I wanted my next full-time job to be working in my business to the time I quit), and I left.

And, guess what?
Me and Alex out drinking with my lab buddies on my last day!

I'm so unbelievably happy with that decision! I didn't realize what a hold my job had on my life. I was so unhappy. I knew it, but I didn't realize how bad it was. I was, like, never sleeping. I got angry and/or upset at the most trivial things. The littlest thing would completely set me off. Now? Not so much. I sleep at night. I have a job I love, I find challenging, and I like and respect the people I work with* (and I have a lot more control over who those people are).

I know this is kind of a cheesy post, but I really am saying all this to say thank you for being here as Jen Lucas Designs has grown and changed over the last year. When I first started this full-time, I was worried I'd be here, a year later, looking for a new lab job because it wasn't working. It's because of all the awesome support I'm getting from all of you that's making it work. Thank you so much! I look forward to many more years of knitting and crocheting** fun with all of you!

*There were lots of people I enjoyed working with the lab. Most of the people I worked with were perfectly lovely. :)

**That's right. It still might be awhile but there needs to be some crochet shawl patterns around here.

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