New Collection WIPs

I've been knitting like crazy! I'm working on a new collection for fall (it will be in eBook format, released in the same way I did the Gradient Collection). Lots of accessories in this one!

I knit on a piece while watching the Blackhawks rally from the comfort of my home last week. I love my hometown hockey team, but I do not love gigantic crowds.
I have a few things finished up already too.
There's a couple more things on the needles. I'm definitely excited for this fall/winter collection. I hope you love it too!


  1. Now this is a real teaser--now the trick will be to wait patiently!����

  2. Anonymous2:07:00 PM

    I cannot wait to see this new collection! Also, I'm glad you are enjoying your cross stitch pattern from the Frosted Pumpkin---their patterns are so cute! ~Jessica (JMJ697MN)


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