A Good-Smelling Shawl is Important to Me

I love a good-smelling shawl.

That's kind of a weird sentence, but it's true. When I block my shawls, I love adding wool wash to the water that adds a nice scent to my finished piece. I realize that's not for everyone, but it works for me!

When I got a sample of some Eucalan at Marly Bird's Designer Dinner at TNNA a few weeks ago, I was excited to try it.
I had a small shawl to block, so I decided to use the individual packet of the lavender scent.
Here's what I really like about it - the scent wasn't overpowering. While I like my shawl to smell nice, you don't want it to knock you over, you know? This lavender was very subtle. You could definitely smell it, but it wasn't crazy 'I can smell your shawl from a mile away.' That's good.

The other thing I liked about this particular wool wash is that it didn't get super sudsy. When I am blocking stuff I always fill my bowl/sink with warmish water, add the wool wash, then swirl it a bit with my hand to mix. I've tried other washes that at this point get super sudsy. It's fine, but when you are using something that says 'no rinse' on it and you stick your shawl in and it gets covered in sudsy bubbles it just seems like it needs a rinse. This Eucalan had some bubbly action, which you want to see, but it wasn't too much. I didn't rinse out my shawl at the end and I didn't need to. Success!

I wish I could show you the shawl...but I can't (right now). It blocked out beautifully and I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

I look forward to trying the other bottle (it's Jasmine Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl and it smells awesome) in coming weeks. And, if a scented shawl isn't your thing, Eucalan's Natural Wool Wash is unscented.

If you use a wool wash, what kind do you use? I'd love to know!

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