FO Friday: Andromeda Peplum Vest

I finally finished it! Just shy of 5 months after I started it, here's my Andromeda Peplum Vest:

I am so in love with this piece. The whole reason I wanted to learn to crochet was so I could make super lacy stuff like this. I'm glad I kept at the crocheting over the last couple of years so I could get here.
I made a few minor changes to the pattern. I attached the bottom part to the top part (instead of the belt holding them together) and I added a little length to the bottom as well. I stitched this in Shalimar Breathless DK, one of my very favorite yarns!

The pattern comes from Doris Chan's Convertible Crochet. There are so many beautiful patterns in the book. I will definitely be making something from the book soon. I'm thinking maybe a Titan Top.

Have you finished anything lately? :)


  1. Looks great. Made me go and request several crochet books from the library. Love how it shows off your tattoo.

  2. This is adorable on you! Great job on the mods!


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