FO Friday: Andromeda Peplum Vest

I finally finished it! Just shy of 5 months after I started it, here's my Andromeda Peplum Vest:

I am so in love with this piece. The whole reason I wanted to learn to crochet was so I could make super lacy stuff like this. I'm glad I kept at the crocheting over the last couple of years so I could get here.
I made a few minor changes to the pattern. I attached the bottom part to the top part (instead of the belt holding them together) and I added a little length to the bottom as well. I stitched this in Shalimar Breathless DK, one of my very favorite yarns!

The pattern comes from Doris Chan's Convertible Crochet. There are so many beautiful patterns in the book. I will definitely be making something from the book soon. I'm thinking maybe a Titan Top.

Have you finished anything lately? :)

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