Computer Time

If you get my newsletter you read earlier this week why the knitting content has been a little lacking on the blog lately. All my time has been spent at the computer, reformatting patterns.

It was definitely time for an update to my patterns. Up to this point I've been using Microsoft Word for my patterns, which was just ok. I think my patterns looked pretty good - for a Word pattern. It's a little plain though.

Over the last few months I'd been thinking a lot about how I needed to get more serious about pattern layout and overall presentation/branding. The time had come for an upgrade. After a few days of lots of Googling and general crankiness over trying to figure out something new, I'm making progress in my pattern updating using Adobe InDesign.
I'm so pleased with the new layout. I think (and I hope you do too) that it makes my patterns look a whole lot better!

I am trying to update 6 patterns a week plus formatting one of my upcoming patterns for the fall. That is taking up a whole lot of time! Hopefully in a few weeks this project will be all done and I will be back to knitting and crocheting more. My poor Briarcliff sweater really wants to get done.

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