Yarn Review: SilverSpun from Feel Good Yarn Company

Recently I received some SilverSpun Sport from Feel Good Yarn Company to try. It's a very interesting yarn, and I was excited to check it out and knit with it!
From the website: The silver content in SilverSpun makes it therapeutic and conductive. Silver inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, has excellent thermal properties, is nontoxic and is perfect for those suffering from diabetes, arthritis and sensitive skin. Silver is also an excellent conductive agent allowing Smartphone or tablet touch screen use while wearing gloves knit from the yarn. SilverSpun is compatible with Apple iPhones and Android phones. The silver is permanently adhered to the yarn and will not wash out.

When I think of yarns containing silver in them, I think of the popular sock yarns with a hint of 'sparkle' in them. SilverSpun isn't like that. The silver is contained within the cotton, making it super soft and gives a beautiful look to the yarn.
I knit up a little swatch to get a better feel for the yarn. Honestly, before knitting with it I wasn't sure I would like it - me and stretchy yarns haven't always gotten along.
The 3% Spandex combined with the cotton/silver and nylon made it the perfect amount of stretchy. I really enjoyed knitting with it. If I still worked in the wastewater lab and needed super warm socks for field work, I'd definitely be knitting a pair of socks with this yarn.

SilverSpun Sport contains 87% Combed Cotton, 5% Silver, 5% Nylon, 3% Spandex and it comes in some beautiful colors, which you can see on the Feel Good Yarn Company's website. You can also get this yarn in sock weight.

While I didn't wash my swatch, I did try something else the label/website claim. I completely tried using my iPhone with the swatch I knit - and it worked! Hmm, might need some of those Connectivity Gloves now.

Have you tried Feel Good Yarn Company's SilverSpun? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought about the yarn and what you made with it!

Disclaimer: I received this yarn for free in order to review it. My review is 100% my honest opinion. I did not receive any payment for this review nor did I agree to publish a positive review. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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