Indie GAL Feature: Toy Patterns

This week's Indie Design Gift-A-Long pattern feature is all about the softies. My nieces love when I make them toys. In fact, I think the only toys they love more are ones involving those loveable characters from a recent kids movie with a talking snowman and huge ice palace. I know I can't compete with Elsa, but I do the best I can. :)
  1. Garden Slug by cheezombie, photo copyright: cheezombie
    There's a crochet version too!
  2. Hippocritter by Ellen Kapusniak, photo copyright: Ellen Kapusniak
  3. Lumpy by bunnymuff, photo copyright: bunnymuff
  4. Woobie Baby Bunny by Kris Carlson, photo copyright: Kris Carlson
    I made a Zebra Woobie last year, also by Kris!
  5. Intrepid Fox by Ella Austin, photo copyright: Ella Austin
  6. Acht the Octopus by Rachel Henry, photo copyright: Rachel Henry
  7. Tubby Tabby by browneyedbabs, photo copyright: browneyedbabs
I think my nieces would enjoy all of these!

There's still time to join in the Gift-A-Long fun. You can read all about how to get in on the fun and prizes here. Happy gifting!

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