A Kit Club Right in My Stash

Remember in 2014 when I went crazy for crocheted toys? There was this flamingo, and also this flamingo, and the three turkeys, and a Christmas owl, and this adorable dog and the mega awesome unicorn.

I could keep going, but I'll stop there.

I signed up for Freshstitches' Kit Club and I enjoyed many months of crochet cuteness. Over the last year though, as my business picked up, I found myself not getting to the kits when they arrived in the mail.

What a terrible job I have that I don't have time to crochet because I have too much knitting to do. ;)

Anyway, last month, I made the decision to cancel my subscription to the club. I love Stacey's patterns and I know I'll continue to make her stuff for years to come, but it just doesn't make sense to get the kits right now. Plus, I've organized the kits I still have - it's like having a kit club right in my stash!
I took each kit and put it in a plastic bag. I included the yarn, pattern, safety eyes, and any extras that were included in the kit that were to be added to the piece.
It's nice to have everything ready to go. When I have a break in between projects all I have to do is grab a hook and one of the kits!


  1. Oh wow, thanks for posting this - I am in the exact same boat as you and felt SO guilty when I hit "cancel" on my subscription. But you're right, it's nice to have them at the ready for any between-project breaks where I just need something fun to do!

    1. I felt guilty too. But when I had almost a year's worth in the stash, I decided it had to be done. I'm sure I'll end up signing up again in the future!

  2. Such cute crochet-ness in those baggies!
    I did this with socks one year...put together patterns and yarn in monthly bags, and knit down 12 pairs worth of my stash...it was so fun! You know, it's still January, maybe I'll join you? I'm sure I have projects a-plenty I could put together!

    1. I did that socks one year too. It was so fun putting the kits together and then reaching in the bin and grabbing a random one. I have so much sock yarn, maybe I should do that again too!


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